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OLA 2007: My Super Conference Sked

I will be at the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2007 starting tonight. If you've ever visited this blog while I was live-blogging, consider yourself warned =)

Here's the tentative list of sessions I'm planning to attend:
Session #P099
Wed @ 6:30 pm
The Art of Networking: A Special Session on an Essential Skill

Session #100
Wed @ 8:00 pm
All Conference Event
Opening Plenary: Cory Doctorow

Session #101
Wed @ 9:30 pm
All Conference Event
Super Conference 2007 Welcome Party
Session #200
Thu @ 8:00 am
All Conference Event
How Well Do You Know Your Online Users? Welcome to Our Game Show. Bring Your Cell Phone.

Session #324
Thu @ 9:05 am
I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now
Patricia Horak, Zachary Abram, Alison Drain

Session #420
Thu @ 10:40 am
Librarianship as a Profession
Recruiting for Diversity: Affirmative Action and Academic Librarians
Mary Kandiuk

Session #500
Thu @ 2:15 pm
All Conference Event
The Future of Search: Bradley Horowitz

Session #600
Thu @ 3:45 pm
OPLA's Spotlight Event
Your Library on Steroids: Transform Your Library
Leslie Burger

Session #804
Thu @ 6:00 pm
Faculty of Information Studies Alumni Association Reception for FIS Alumni

Session #900
Fri @ 8:00 am
An All-Conference Plenary
New Institutions, New Landscapes
Nouvelles Institutions, Nouveaux Paysages

Lise Bissonnette, Ian E. Wilson

Session #1117
Fri @ 9:05 am
Pop Goes the Library
Sophie Brookover

Session #1200
Fri @ 10:40 am
An All-Conference Plenary
The Sense of Community in Our Changing Landscape: Glen Murray

Session #1311
Fri @ 2:10 pm
Successful Initiatives on a Shoestring Budget (Roundtable)
Donna Bright, Jane Diamanti

Session #1411
Fri @ 3:45 pm
Best Practices for Social Software in Libraries
Michael Stephens

Session #1502
Fri @ 5:15 pm
Ontario Library and Information Technology Association

Session #1603
Fri @ 5:45 pm
Ontario Library and Information Technology Association

Session #1604
Fri @ 6:15 pm
All-Conference Networking Event
Annual Reception

Session #1700
Sat @ 8:00 am
All Conference Event
Solutions for a New Generation

Session #1800
Sat @ 9:05 am
OLITA's Spotlight Event
Top Tech Trends
Michael Stephens, Amanda Etches-Johnson, John Blyberg

Session #1915
Sat @ 10:40 am
What's the Big Idea? Perceptions and Expectations of the Library Brand
Ken Roberts

Session #2000
Sat @ 12:15 pm
Gala Closing Luncheon: Seán Cullen

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