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Total Quality Management,
Libraries and Blogging

In a previous life, I was a Total Quality Officer at Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). The way I saw it, I was in charge of promoting a culture of "being there" for the customer, to let employees know that "a complaint is a gift," not something to be downplayed or hidden from the higher-ups.

When I became a librarian, I found that my previous career was very compatible with my new vocation. And now that I'm a blogger, who's also part of a larger blogging community, I suppose you could say that I still haven't completely left my past behind.

When I found out that the owner of Blogging Bugs was furious with BPI, I encouraged her to complain to higher management. It took a while, but she finally did, and now she says that, "It pays to complain." I'd have to add, however, that not all companies treat complaints the same way at all levels. Libraries are not much different.

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