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Susan Go — Filipino Librarian

Susan Go

When I was looking for Filipino librarians at a conference in Toronto in 2005, I met an American who told me that I should get in touch with a librarian at the University of Michigan. Almost a year later, I got the same advice from Ambeth Ocampo. It was only after I finally got to meet the librarian that I realized just why she had been recommended so highly to me.

Susan Go is the head of the Graduate Library’s Southeast Asia Division. She is also the force behind The United States and its Territories, which has the best and largest online collection of Filipiniana materials available for free. And even though she could have applied for and received American citizenship because she has been in the US since the 1980s, she is still very much a Filipino citizen.

Read more about her in "Susan Go goes to great lengths to get books for library" by Joanne Nesbit (University Record, 23 November 1998).

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