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4,000+ Useful Librarians

In "4,000+ Useful Librarians" (Manila Bulletin, 8 August 2005), Peachy Limpin replies to another column published in the same newspaper last July 28. Limpin, probably the only librarian with a regular column in a national broadsheet, starts her response by saying that "Blogger-librarians were all fired-up two Fridays ago." Well, the following are the blograrians—plus a few "honorary" ones—she was referring to:

Zarah: 105 'useless' librarians, Useless Again, Schools of Thought
Clair: Useless librarians?
Arnold: 105 'useless' librarians
Christine (LIS student): Never a Dalmatian
Watson (librarian's husband): 105 'Useless' Librarians ???

And then, of course, my own posts: 105 'useless' librarians?, Sarcasm, "Useless" Controversy?

Quite a few librarians and non-librarians also left comments on my posts. Aside from those already mentioned above, I'd like to thank the following—in reverse chronological order—for caring enough to click on "Add a comment": Bernadine, Marj, Anacres Salvador, Isabela, Myrna Carrillo Halim, Ari, Maria Jose, JM Ibanez, Alana, J. Angelo Racoma, Rowena Cosico, Grace, Bugsybee, and Paulette M. Mingi.

Finally, some noted that the writer who started all of this did not know what he was talking about. Well, who will educate him and the others like him? No one else knows what exactly it is that librarians do except us. And no one else will speak up for librarians but us. Maybe, just maybe, more librarians will want to make their voices heard after this.

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