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The following newspaper articles on books and/or libraries were published in the last three weeks. As far as I know, only the last article was written by a librarian. Please feel free to "Add a comment" below to make corrections in the bibliographic data or suggest other articles that I may have missed.

"Promoting literacy and learning in children" (Manila Times, 18 July 2005)

On July 5 the Asia Foundation and Sa Aklat Sisikat presented over 8,000 volumes of donated books to children and public schools in Cavite. The donation aims to help educators and community groups enhance English language skills, sharpen vocational and research skills, build small business knowledge, and promote literacy among children.
"The enduring legacy of Miguel de Cervantes" by Lito B. Zulueta (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 24 July 2005)
The Instituto Cervantes's lecture series on the fourth centenary of "Don Quixote" rounds off with National Artist F. Sionil Jose's talk, "A Filipino Writer's Quixotic Adventure," on Aug. 25 at 6 p.m. at Central Library Hall of the University of Santo Tomas.
"Rare and valuable books" by Ambeth Ocampo (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 29 July 2005)
Where did these books come from? If they were from one single library or collection, who was interested enough in the Philippines to keep these works? Are there other Filipiniana materials that came with the books but were not placed on auction?
"Listened to a good book lately?" by Susan A. De Guzman (Manila Bulletin, 31 July 2005)
Audio books are supposed to be convenient alternatives to books in their traditional form. You listen as you’re driving to the office (although won’t it be too distracting if, say, you’re listening to a thriller?), pop one in in your Walkman as you ride the MRT, play it as you’re cooking or cleaning the house, sewing or doing all the other chores you have to attend to.
"Online Resource for Women Launched" by Peachy Limpin (Manila Bulletin, 1 August 2005)
The CWC Library Committee created the website to make the Internet community aware of their presence, to provide a gateway to information resources, particularly on women not otherwise available from Google and other similar search engines, and in the future to become an e-Library of women resources.

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