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I Am a Digital Librarian

Filipino Librarian
Today is my first day as a truly digital librarian.

When I was still studying for my master's degree in library and information science, people would ask me what I intended to do after I graduated. I resisted the impulse to say, "Obvious ba?" and just said, "I'll be a librarian—preferably, a digital librarian." What I had in mind, of course, was that I would join an organization that had a digital library.

Well, now that my contract with the institution where I was working when I began this blog has expired, it seems I've gotten my wish. I am now, technically, a digital librarian. I am a licensed librarian but I am not working in a library. I have no books to catalog or arrange. I have no budget to fight for. I don't even have students or customers to shush.

Some might say that I'm pretty much a useless librarian. But some of us know better =)

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