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Librarians at the Magsaysay Awards

Only one librarian has won the Magsaysay Award, but two of the following were cited for the work they did that led to the establishment of libraries.

  • Ohm Dae-Sup (South Korea), a librarian who "organized community reading clubs to overcome the villagers' apathy to reading," won in 1980 for his "abiding commitment toward making knowledge a tool for life-betterment in rural Korea."
  • Hans Bague Jassin (Indonesia), a literary critic who set up "Indonesia's most exhaustive library and archive for literary research," was recognized in 1987 for "preserving for Indonesians their literary heritage."
  • Abdullah Abu Sayeed (Bangladesh), a writer who "launched a nationwide library program in 1998," received the award in 2004 for "cultivating in the youth of Bangladesh a love for books."
If you think there are Filipino librarians who should receive the Magsaysay Award for their achievements, please let me know.

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