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Have you ever wondered who else shares your birthday? Check out the following sites:

FamousBirthdays.com. Besides offering the names of famous people and their birthdays, its most popular features are electronic greeting cards, free e-mail and trivia quizzes.

Scope Systems Anyday Page. It's a repair company (!), but it provides a not-limited-to-the-famous list of birthday celebrants, plus a list of those who died and historic events that occurred on a particular day.

Infoplease Daily Almanac. This well-known reference site offers a featured biography of a person born on a particular day, plus links to others born on that day, information on historical events, and today's news, weather, etc.

Robert Redford's birthday is Aug 18Friendster. Finally, to see who among your friend(ster)s—assuming you have an account—are celebrating their birthdays today (or soon), log in and look for the "My Friends" box. If there is a cupcake with a candle below a photo, point your mouse at the cupcake to see when the person's birthday is. In the case of the photo on the right, it will say, "Robert Redford's birthday is Aug 18."

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