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The Not-So-Great "Raid"

I did not say it in my previous post, but I was hoping that The Great Raid might have a shot at an Oscar nomination—if not for Best Picture, then at least for Cesar Montano as Best Supporting Actor. Well, I just saw the film and none of the actors are worth nominating for any award. The movie is just not good enough.

"There's no rescuing 'Great Raid'" by Mike Clark (USA Today, 12 August 2005):

Just about any golden age Hollywood hack could have made a zestier drama about one of the greatest rescue missions in U.S. military history.
"A Valiant Rescue Assuages a Wartime Atrocity" by Stephen Holden (New York Times, 12 August 2005):
The actual raid, when it finally happens in the movie's last 40 minutes, provides no visceral release; the prolonged, soggy fireworks display is devoid of suspense, excitement or human drama.
"Powerful 'Raid' rings true" by Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times, 12 August 2005):
The film is unique in giving full credit to the Filipino fighters who joined the Rangers and made the local logistics possible by enlisting the secret help of local farmers and villagers. The Filipinos are led by Capt. Juan Pajota (Cesar Montano), a forcible local actor who steps into the Hollywood cast and adds to its authenticity and sense of mission.
The last review offers some hope, but unless the film gets respectable box office (at least $50M in the next two months), Oscar voters will probably forget it by December.

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