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All Will Be Well

Photo taken at Caleruega-Philippines, Nasugbu, Batangas.

In "All will be well" (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 4 January 2006), Michael L. Tan says, "I've often heard Filipinos complain that we're doomed for failure because of our bahala na [God will provide] mentality, which is misinterpreted as fatalism... if we do invoke bahala na, it's often only after we've made many attempts to solve a problem. Yes, we sigh, 'Bahala na,' but we also assure those in need, in crisis: 'Gagawa tayo ng paraan' (We'll find a way). That's why I believe that with time, all will be well."

I took the photo above at a friend's wedding yesterday. I believe it's a sculpture of Christ after Easter. And then I read Tan's column today. One doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other. But I'd like to think they do. All will be well.

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