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Librarian as Game-Show Winner

Aldric Gaerlan Filipino librarian Aldric Gaerlan Filipino librarian

Congratulations to Aldric Gaerlan! He won 500,000 PHP (approximately 9,500 USD) along with his partner just this afternoon. The noontime show on which he won is called "Eat Bulaga!" Aldric (left in both photos) and his partner answered 3 questions correctly:
What profession is denoted by the initials DVM?
Which Oscar-winning actor is related to Abraham Lincoln?
Which Filipino president was from Region 6?
The answers: Veterinarian, Tom Hanks, and Manuel Roxas.
But no, we didn't know that Gaerlan was even going to be on the show. I was having lunch with librarians at UP's Institute of Library and Information Science, when Grace Tabiendo wondered aloud when a librarian would ever become a contestant on a game show. She was, apparently, one of the few paying attention to the TV in the room. A few moments later, Gaerlan told the show's host that he was a librarian. It was only then that those in the room—who had been his teachers and fellow students—recognized him. No one left the room after that. Except for me—I got my camera =)

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