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Believe It or Not: Boxing Librarian

In a few hours, the result of Pacquio vs Morales will be known. (If you're in North America, please remember that we're on the other side of the world.) There's not really much that can be done now, except hope that the best man wins. Not that I could've done anything before... or at any time, for that matter =)

boxing librarianIn the meantime, allow me to do some stereotype-busting by calling your attention to Dutch Engelbrecht—a.k.a. Librarian Barbarian (that's him in the black shirt)—who actually challenged a US Marine in a boxing match. He still seems to have all his marbles intact (and has the award to prove it), but if you look at the interview he conducted with himself (!), you'll see that there's a moral to this story: "Never plan events while drinking."

If you'd like to see a librarian take matters—and not just books—into his own hands, download the videos: Round 1 2 3 Wrap-up (right click on your mouse and choose "Save target as"; from Michaelcosm's post on 2 January 2004). Other accounts of the match are here and here.

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