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FO: YouTube

What's so good about YouTube is that there's no need to download anything. All that users have to do is wait until the video is ready to play, and just play it. Some might not like the thought of being unable to download copies of their favorite videos, but YouTube has not been called the Flickr of video for nothing. Just about everything you can do with photos on Flickr may also be done on YouTube.

Biyahe Tayo on YouTubeWhen I wrote "Biyahe Tayo!" I planned to translate the lyrics into English, but gave up. Well, thanks to YouTube, not only can you watch the original video, you can also watch the shorter version with English subtitles. The less appealing Regine Velasquez TV ad is also available. Incidentally, to clear up a point that was not so clear in my previous post about the original video, the song was composed by Rico Blanco and Mike Villegas, while the lyrics were written by Mike Nieva.

There are currently no videos available on Filipino libraries or librarians, but there are quite a few on foreign libraries and librarians (see "Conan the Librarian"). There are also a lot of videos from "Pinoy Big Brother," Filipino soap operas, music videos and even scandals. If you missed something on TV that everyone's talking about, don't just search Google Video, go to YouTube and interact with all the others who saw it. That's how I found "Magmahal Muli" as performed by Sam and Say for Big Brother.

You won't need to login if you're just going to watch videos, but you'll have to signup if you wish to upload, tag, or comment on videos. According to the "Terms of Use," users are expected to agree that they will not "submit material that is copyrighted... unless you are the owner of such rights." I'm just not sure, however, whether any of the videos I've mentioned were submitted by the copyright owners.

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