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Edsa 20/20

It doesn’t help that an oversized billboard of chat-show queen Kris Aquino stripped down to her underwear has taken over the Edsa skyline. In another portion of Edsa, the fashion model Borgy Manotoc is similarly displayed... Is this how it all ends, one wonders, all the drama and history of the past 20 years lost to the glitter of advertising and the glamour of celebrity?
The quote above is taken from "Remembering Edsa: 20 People and their Lives 20 Years since People Power" by Sheila S. Coronel, which appears in the latest issue of iReport, which is published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ).

Twenty years ago, Filipinos from all walks of life came together and gained their freedom. Twenty years later, some are saying that we were better off if we had stuck with the Marcoses. Well, read the stories of the 20 people profiled in this collector's edition and see for yourself whether this claim is true. But frankly, if Marcos were still in power, Kris Aquino wouldn't be on that billboard on Edsa =)

Disclosure: I wrote the article on Romeo J. Intengan, SJ, in this issue of iReport.

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