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The Pinoy A-list

Is there a Pinoy A-list? It seems that "Blogs to Riches" by Clive Thompson (New York, 20 February 2006) equates being on the A-list with having thousands of hits every day AND making lots of money. Walt at Random and librarian.net don't quite think the same way. Maybe because they're librarians (like me), but especially because neither has ads on their blogs (unlike me).

But going back to the question, the following may be used to determine the Pinoy A-listers:
According to Pinoy Top Blogs, the top 5 would be Rickey.org, Lyrics!, Inside PCIJ, Bryanboy, and Pinoy Rickey. Others who would probably make it into the A-list if we use 1,000 hits per day as a basis would be Pinoy Cook and Retzwerx. But where are About Web Logs, Sassy Lawyer, Jessica Zafra’s Twisted, Ala-ism, Manuel L. Quezon III, Asiapundit, Kwentong Tambay, and Ambot Ah!, which all happen to be in the top 5 of the Technorati lists AND have more links than the top 5 of Pinoy Top Blogs?

Could it be that the Technorati blogs that don't have the Pinoy Top Blogs button have fewer hits? Rickey.org, Bryanboy and About Web Logs are by Filipinos, but hardly ever have any posts on the Philippines. Incidentally, Asiapundit may have "Philippines" as a tag, but the owner doesn't seem to be Filipino; he just happens to write about our country occasionally. And then there's Ambot Ah!, who seems to be too modest to include his own blog in Pinoy Top Blogs because he happens to have been the one who set it up.

I suppose there are a few among the blogs mentioned above that get the hits AND make money, but the question that needs to be resolved is the one asked by Dave Starr on Random Takes: "Can only Filipinos produce ‘Philippine Blogs’? What about joint Phil-Am efforts were both parties contribute regularly? What about non-Filipinos who write exclusively about the Philippines?" In short, what makes a blog "Pinoy"?

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