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Epifanio de los Santos Day 2006

Today is Epifanio de los Santos Day. In these very political times, it is perhaps appropriate to feature a librarian who took on corruption in her library—and lived to tell the tale. Her name is Abigail Capitin-Principe. And this is what I wrote after I met her last December 2005:

When she took over the small library, she found out that the library had so many employees whom she had never met. It turns out they were actually "15-30" employees—those who showed up only to collect their salaries on the 15th and 30th of every month. Well, she put them all to work. And when the 15-30 employees realized that they had to work for their salaries, they all eventually asked to be transferred to other departments.
For more information about Abie, see "Abigail Capitin-Principe — Filipino Librarian." For more about Epifanio de los Santos, see the following:
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