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Good-bye, iblog2

It's done. And I don't know if I'll have the energy to do liveblogging all over again. WordPress is certainly better suited for liveblogging because of its "Save and Continue Editing" button. But it was fun trying to post text and photos even before the speakers finished their talks.

The photo above includes only those participants who stayed until the very end, while the photo below shows Pocholo Gonzales announcing the names of raffle winners using the voices of Erap, FPJ, Mike Enriquez and Mark Logan, as Janette Toral picked out the raffle stubs.

By the way, some bloggers couldn't resist taking a photo of me while I was doing my liveblogging. One of them was Jove. Another was Punzi. Could it be that I'm so cute? Bwahaha! (Note to regular readers: This is not the kind of post you're used to from me. It must be all those bloggers!)

For all the posts by bloggers after iblog2, check out Technorati and Google Blog Search.

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