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Manila to Singapore on Tiger Airways

Manila to Singapore on Tiger Airways
That's the plane I took from Singapore to Manila yesterday. I booked the flight on Tiger Airways last December for only US$13. With taxes, that went up to $65 (3,600 pesos). Not bad compared to other airlines, which charge a minimum of $250 (approx. 12,500 pesos at P50:$1)—and that's already the "sale price."

Then again, I had to book 3 months in advance. And take the bus from SM Megamall to the airport in Clark—and back (300 pesos each way). I also had to contend with free seating (i.e., no assigned seats), buying food on the plane and landing in Singapore's no-frills budget terminal. But for a ticket that was almost 10,000 pesos less than a discounted seat in a regular airline, it was worth the minor hassle.

No, I didn't have to stand up inside the plane. The stewardesses were just as pretty as those in other airlines. The flight was much more on time than the flag carrier. The seats were comfortable. Looking back, even if I had bought food on the airplane and added it to the cost of my plane ticket, I would have still spent much less than the usual fare.

Right now, it seems that most of the lowest fares are at $32.50 (one-way), but if you look hard or wait long enough (read: book waaaay in advance, and adjust departure and arrival dates to take advantage of the lowest fares), you might find the $13 two-way fare I was able to get.

You may also want to explore other destinations. A friend has, in fact, booked a trip for two from Manila to Singapore to Bangkok to at-least-one-other-city for 15,000 pesos. You'll need a credit card, of course. And a willingness to take risks =)

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