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A-LIEP: Knowledge Management and Blogging

In "Knowledge Mobilization: The Challenge for Information Professionals," Peter Keen distinguishes between knowledge management and knowledge mobilization. He cites the "9-11 Commission Report" to illustrate the difference between management and mobilization (i.e., information about a possible attack was available but no one did anything about it), and the need for knowledge fusion, so that knowledge will not just be managed, but mobilized.

Keen also mentioned that it is time to take blogs seriously. According to him (and I agree), that while 95 percent of the information in blogs will most likely be rubbish, the remaining 5 percent will still be very good. But how can this knowledge be managed? Blog search engines like Technorati and Google Blog Search now make it possible to search by authority (Technorati), relevance (Google) or date (both). In time, it is very likely that what now seems to be quite effective will get even better.

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