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Threats Can Be Opportunities

The following news may be seen as good or bad, depending on how the reader views them. Are they, in fact, threats or opportunities?

"Mike Luz quits DepEd" by Yvonne Chua (Inside PCIJ, 22 April 2006)

Former DepEd undersecretary Miguel Luz was the man behind Library Hub. His neither-here-nor-there status since he got into trouble with the current administration for sticking to his principles put the future of Library Hub in doubt. Well, there's no doubt anymore: Library Hub is in serious trouble. I just hope the opportunists don't turn what might have been a wonderful opportunity into another scam.
"Raising reading-friendly kids" by Amor Maclang (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 23 April 2006)
Read this article for practical tips on how to "teach" kids to love books: Choose to be around books. Look for books wherever you are. When choosing a caregiver, pick one who likes to teach and read simple books to your kid. Check out a school’s reading selection. Make reading fun. Include books in your toy budget allocation. Network with well-read friends and mothers on their book finds and selections.
"Can a Thriller Be Both Fair and Fun?" by Richard Corliss (Time, 24 April 2006)
"Turn the glare of publicity into a proselytizing opportunity." That's Opus Dei's strategy regarding The Da Vinci Code's upcoming release as a movie. Opus Dei is one of the most conservative groups in the Catholic Church, but I have to agree that the best way to deal with a perceived problem is to turn it into an opportunity. That's what some Bible scholars are doing, instead of fighting the book or the movie—or, as some have done in other religions, calling for the death of the author.
"Volunteer storytellers reviving kids' interest in reading" by Julie M. Aurelio (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 24 April 2006)
Manolo Silayan, a pioneer of Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines, has told librarians, "You're librarians! You should be fun and wear party hats! Librarians should not be stereotyped as dusty, cranky people." True?

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