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Isang Milyong Aklat,
Isang Milyong Pangarap

AHON Foundation—whose work was the subject of the PCIJ article "Libraries of Hope"—has launched "Isang Milyong Aklat, Isang Milyong Pangarap" (freely translated on their blog as "With a million books, we can help build a million dreams"). The PCIJ article is reproduced on their blog, but aside from that, there is no other information on what will be done with the books.

I hope that the philosophy behind the foundation's work with the Marikina libraries (see "Literacy, Reading and Book Donation Programs") will be the same for the book drive, and that some librarians or LIS students can become volunteers.

I also hope that some librarians are already involved at the higher levels because even with community involvement, if there is no one looking out for who will organize the books and "sell" reading to the members of the community, then the books will probably take a back seat to the no-effort-involved TV shows that many Filipinos watch all the time.

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