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Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere: July 2007

This post is long overdue, so please forgive me if it's not as comprehensive as the previous ones. But first, allow me to announce that I am inviting all those who consider themselves members of the Pinoy biblioblogosphere—whether you are a librarian or not—to leave a comment below regarding your availability on September 15 or 16, and preferences on place (preferably with free wifi) and time. This way, we can confirm whether the "big" in the title of this post is merely wishful thinking on my part =)

Last July, the biggest news in the biblioblogosphere—or just about any place where people read books—was undoubtedly the publication of the last installment of the Harry Potter series. Among the blograrians who wrote about the book before and after reading it were:
Juned, Peachy, Ralline and Rhea. It was Zarah and her spoilers, however, that benefited in terms of traffic, as reflected in the rise of her blog to no. 19 on Pinoy Top Blogs.

Zarah also covered National Children's Book Day, Florante provided some notes regarding the ALA Annual Conference held in Washington, DC, last June, Igor and Noel noted the revitalization of the UP Library and Information Science Students’ Association (watch the video to see what LIS students look like nowadays), and the UP Library Science Alumni Association unveiled a new look for its website.

Personal achievements worth noting were those by Mila, who co-authored a paper on "Scholarly Publishing Initiatives at the International Rice Research Institute," which was presented in Vancouver; and Melchor, who shared the citation for the award he received as an outstanding employee in UP Visayas.

Then there's Arnold, who reported that a library from the Philippines turned down the chance to have its books digitized by Google. He also refers to this blograrian as an "established" blogger, who supposedly earns "some money (over $1000)." I've been blogging for more than two and a half years, and all I can say is, "I wish!"

By the way, in case you think working in libraries is boring, take a look at what Vhessa has to say: "The Library Is SO Not Boring!" And if you think librarians are boring, take a look at them fire breathing and dancing.

Reactions posted last July to my own posts include those of Charles on "Who is the Imelda Marcos of Books?"; Paolo and Zimm on "The First Books Printed in the Philippines"; and Charles and Bhex on "Are Bookstores Better Than Libraries?" I wish I could link to more of Charles's posts, but as he has admitted, he has too many posts. And since he referred to me as "she" in both the posts I linked to above, let me just state, for the record, that not all librarians are female =)

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