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Video: Juan Miguel Luz on Library Hub

It has been said that changes at the helm of the Department of Education (DepEd) have occurred too often since 2001. Usually, when a new regime takes over, anything that the previous leader supported is either actively ridiculed into oblivion or passively neglected until just about everyone forgets about it. And that's why I was wondering what would happen to Library Hub when its proponent, former DepEd undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz, resigned. Well, I finally met him in person, asked him how Library Hub avoided politics-as-usual, and even got him to agree to have his reply recorded on video:

He attributes the continued spread of Library Hubs all over the country not to money but to the leadership of Beverly Gonda and DepEd undersecretary Teodosio Sangil, Jr., which only proves once more my thesis regarding money and leadership.

Meeting Luz was one of the many things that make me glad I went to the Books Across Southeast Asia conference organized by the Book Development Association of the Philippines, which had a substantial number of librarians among the panelists and the audience.

In a few hours, I will be a panelist on "Reading Literacy Campaigns in the Region," though my focus will be on Internet access to libraries. And, of course, since there will be publishers in the audience, I'll be asking whether they know C.S. Canonigo. Then, I'll be attending a copyright session in the afternoon. Guess what I'll ask during the open forum? =)

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