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Manila International Bookfair 2007:
Ang Bagong Mambabasa

It's official. I will not just be attending the upcoming Manila International Bookfair, but I will also be part of one of the official events.

After posting "Seminars for Librarians," I got an email from Read or Die (RoD) apologizing for the premature inclusion of my name as a speaker, and asked whether I would agree to be a panelist for a session. After verifying that the topic was within my comfort zone, I said, "Yes."

Here are the details of the session:

DAY 5 September 2, 2007 - Sunday

Ang Bagong Mambabasa - New Readings and New Readers
Read or Die
5:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Function Room B
Cost: Free
I don't know whether anyone will still be around during the last few hours of the bookfair, but I certainly hope to at least meet the people behind RoD, who have been doing such an amazing job.

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