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Ambeth Ocampo on Ateneo's Rizal Library

Two years ago, I wrote a post entitled "Ateneo's Rizal Library," which I would follow up a month later with "One More Time: Ateneo's Rizal Library." Well, Ambeth Ocampo just wrote a column with the exact same title: "Ateneo's Rizal Library" (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 21 September 2007). Ocampo, of course, writes from a different perspective, that of a library user:

The Filipiniana section is still in the same place, though the collection is larger and the staff has correspondingly grown bigger. When I used to frequent the place, I knew where I could find the books I needed even without looking. Even today the librarians would laugh when I ask for a book, describing its size, shape and color.
He mentions other libraries, too, but I'm sure his librarian-friends at those institutions will be wondering when he'll be giving their libraries the same treatment =)

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