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Bookfair 2007: OMF Lit Package

The photos above are of the package I was given by Yna Reyes, publication director of OMF Literature. I'm not quite sure why she gave me the package—maybe she liked my presentation the previous day at the Books Across Southeast Asia conference or maybe because I asked her about their publications later during the day at the Manila International Bookfair—but what I liked most about the package was that it was addressed to:

Vernon Totanes
Filipino Librarian
I suppose she could have put just my name on the package, or my name and the name of the school I'm affiliated with, but I do like the idea that she associated me with my blog. In fact, I'm getting introduced more often as "Filipino Librarian" now than before. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen =)

Incidentally, if any of you out there still think that blogs are just personal diaries, check out OMF Lit's website, which is actually a very slick blog.

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