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Passion for Libraries: Hubs and Hugs

Update as of 16 September 2007: I missed another more recent article: "How to Build a Library Hub" by Neni Sta. Romana Cruz (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 14 September 2007). The title says it all =)
"Raising Filipino literacy" by Blooey Singson (Manila Bulletin, 13 September 2007) is an ok article, but I don't know that anyone, after reading the article, would be moved to do anything about the fact that, "About one in every 10 Filipinos cannot read or write." Facts, quotes and statistics are abundant, but the author probably should have kept in mind this saying: "Do your homework and know your facts, but remember it's passion that persuades."

In contrast, "Library Hugs" by Neni Sta. Romana Cruz (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 3 July 2007)—which I missed when it first came out—has an intriguing title (and not just because it has the word "library" in it) and very few facts, quotes and statistics. (Note: The online version's title is different from the printed version's.)

True, Cruz was writing an opinion column, but Singson's article appeared in the "Youth & Campus" section, which I guess means it's for younger readers. Then again, maybe the difference lies in the fact that the authors are writing for different newspapers with different editorial policies. Whatever the case may be, I'll just leave it up to readers to decide which one is more effective—based on their understanding of the two writers' objectives.

What can librarians learn from these two articles? Please don't get me wrong. Facts, quotes and statistics are important, too, but they need to be used appropriately.

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