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Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere:
Eyeball on 15 September 2007

Update as of 12 September 2007: Time has been moved to 4:00 pm to accommodate more people, but I will be at the venue from 3:00 pm onward in case there are people who missed this update.
In Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere: July 2007, I invited "members of the Pinoy biblioblogosphere" to state their preferences regarding the place and time of our first—but not last, I hope—eyeball (EB), which I suppose needed to be stated explicitly (sorry, Zarah).

Well, based on the comments and the few people to whom I've mentioned the idea, it looks like this is what will work best:
Place: a different bookstore (adb), Serendra
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2007
Time: 3:00 pm

Meet, greet and discuss the future of the Pinoy biblioblogosphere =)

Who should attend:
Anyone whose blog I've ever linked to in my Pinoy Big Biblioblogosphere posts, plus bloggers who care about books and libraries, whether librarian or not.
Please leave a message below to confirm your attendance, so I can inform Chito, adb's marketing manager, who is looking forward to hosting our small group.

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