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Bookfair 2007: 100% Pinoy Librarian

Eight librarians were there for the Filipino Librarians Googlegroup meet-and-greet. One did not stay long enough for me to get her name, and only Zarah Gagatiga and I went out for coffee. But I did give away the buttons and stress ball. Those in the photo above are Zarah, Rene Manlangit, Mercedita Menes, Rosario Campo, Jenefher Sulit, and Shiela Avila.

The shirt I was wearing on that day was bought from the UP Library Science Alumni Association (UPLSAA). The sentence in front states, "Ang isip, tulad ng aklat, ay mainam kung bukas" [The mind, like a book, is better when open]. The slogan on the back reads, "100% Pinoy Librarian." Igor has photos of the black version. If you would like to buy a shirt for yourself, please click on the UPLSAA link above.

Zarah posted the photo she took with her Macbook (!) on her blog. I think I look pretty good in the photo, but I do have a problem with the post's title: "With The Filipino Librarian." As I have kept saying from the very beginning, I do not claim to be the Filipino Librarian. I think Zarah has her reasons for referring to me that way, but really, I am just one of many =)

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