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ARTSingapore 2005
"Yellow Table with Blue Bowl" by Ang Kiukok (2001)
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Ang Kiukok, National Artist for Visual Arts (2001), is dead. For more details, see "Visionary National Artist Ang Kiukok dies; 74" by Lito B. Zulueta (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 11 May 2005).

Lopez Memorial Museum artsentral.com Anita Magsaysay-Ho
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Artsentralmanila.com is a good starting point for information about Filipino paintings. Its Archive (March to October 2004) includes articles on artists, collectors, investing in art, etc. Lists of Galleries, Museums and Artist Websites are also available.

Some of the institutions and artists in Artsentralmanila.com's lists have websites that may be used for research. (Note: Not all links are working, notably the one for the Ateneo Art Gallery.) The Lopez Memorial Museum, for instance, has articles about Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo, as well as some of their paintings. However, websites devoted to individual artists are more useful for those who wish to appreciate an artist's entire body of work. The work of Anita Magsaysay-Ho, for example, is better appreciated when viewed chronologically.

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