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Images of the Filipina Online

The problem is worse. Check out Google Images and Yahoo! Images.

It is not entirely clear to me what kind of algorithm the search engines use for images, but Google's Image Search Help provides some clues:

How does image search work?

Google analyzes the text on the page adjacent to the image, the image caption and dozens of other factors to determine the image content. Google also uses sophisticated algorithms to remove duplicates and ensure that the highest quality images are presented first in your results.
Yahoo!, on the other hand, seems to rely on the presence of the word "Filipina" in file names (e.g., filipina.jpg) and URLs (e.g., www.filipina.com) to come up with its results.

No, I don't have an answer similar to the one presented in "The Filipina in Cyberspace." I hope someone can take over from here because it's close to midnight ("Thriller?!"), I'm sleepy, I have lots of work to do tomorrow (yes, on a Sunday), and my mind isn't working anymore...

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