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La Visa Loca

Check out the website of La Visa Loca. If the movie is as funny—and painfully real—as its website, then watching it should be hilariously heartbreaking. To understand what I mean, make sure you enter a good reason for applying for a visa in the space provided.

A recent article on Filipinos immigrating to Canada, "More Filipinos brave Canada’s cold climate to seek better future" by Mynardo Macaraig (Manila Times, 14 May 2005), reveals some of the reasons many Filipinos desire to leave the Philippines.

For more information on Filipinos working and living abroad, check out these websites:

  • Global Nation has news, columns, features, ads—essentially an online newspaper
  • Pinoyexpats is an online magazine that focuses on Filipinos working in Europe—without the ads
For stories about migrating to and working in other countries, see the following blog entries and related posts:And finally, since there don't seem to be too many domestic helpers blogging from abroad, check out "Pasalubong" in "Chona in the City." Whether true or not, it is hilariously heartbreaking...

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