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"Intriguingly Named"

You need a master's degree to be a librarian?
There's a licensure exam for librarians?
What will you do with your degree and license?
The answers are "Yes," "Yes," and "Work as a librarian, of course." I've had to deal with these questions because of my not-so-common desire to become a librarian. But lately, especially at i blog, I've been surprised at some of the reactions I've been getting after introducing myself as a librarian. Rei, a Filipina foreign service officer, wrote the following in Synesthetique:

Aside from picking up some shiny new tips and information snippets on blogging, I met a few fellow bloggers... there was the guy with the intriguingly named Filipino Librarian blog.

I was so intrigued by her comment that I conducted the following conversation with her on her TagBoard:

vonjobi: "intriguingly named" - thanks for the reference. i wonder what you found intriguing about the name. it sounds very plain vanilla to me =)

rei: Intriguing because I've always wanted to be a librarian. I've always thought the work holds a certain mystique - imagine being around all those books!

vonjobi: ha! one more reason to be happy that i went to the summit. i usually get blank stares when i tell people that i'm a librarian. could it be that bloggers tend to [be] book lovers?

rei: I think we *do* tend to be book lovers. Bloggers tend to identify themselves as writers, and writers are usually voracious readers
Unstated conclusion: bloggers are usually voracious readers. Taking it one step further: bloggers, therefore, tend to appreciate libraries and librarians more than non-readers. And if you just happen to be reading this—I hope you'll forgive any lapses in logic—maybe you're not a writer, blogger or librarian, but you're definitely a reader =)

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