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Food! Glorious Food!

Market Manila Old Manila Walkx
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"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." Well, it's summer and it's hot, but all I can think of is food.

Market Manila

Mouth-watering photos, what to buy where, recipes and others. Check out its Archives for a complete list of all posts and Links for other food blogs.
Pinoy Cook
Lutong bahay (home-cooked meal) recipes, photos and more. This is actually the food blog of the sassy lawyer in her other role as a Filipino mom. See "Eating out; take out" if you can't cook (like me!).
Old Manila Walkx
If you just like to eat and don't really care about where to buy what or how it's cooked as long as it's delicious (like me!), you may want to sign up for a tour of "The BIG Binondo Food Bowl." The tour guide has been featured in "Pound the Binondo pavement with the Chinatown kid" by Eric S. Caruncho (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 10 April 2005)

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