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Librarian's Center?

In "History and Dignity" (Manila Bulletin, 9 July 2005), Ronald S. Lim writes about a talk delivered by Bienvenido Lumbera—writer and Magsaysay awardee—at the first anniversary of the Librarian’s Center at the National Book Store Superbranch in Cubao. Please click on the link above if you would like to know what Lumbera discussed. This post will be about the so-called Librarian's Center.

The fact that the largest bookstore chain in the Philippines has set up a center for librarians in its biggest branch is a welcome development. However, it seems rather unfortunate that not many librarians seem to know about its existence. I was certainly surprised when I saw it last April as I was looking around the branch, which I had not visited in a long time. As it turns out, I should not have been surprised.

I identified myself as a librarian to a saleslady and asked to talk to the person in charge so that I could gather additional information. No one could be found, so I just looked around the area to see what exactly would make the place ideal for librarians. Aside from the more luxurious shelves and furniture—throw in the carpeting, too—there was not much that I could see that would be beneficial for librarians.

From the people I was able to talk to, I gathered that no discount was given to librarians who went there. The books available were also the same ones displayed in other parts of the branch. But what I found most unforgivable was the fact that the books were arranged not by subject, but by publisher! It was then that I decided it was time to go. A "Librarian's Center" that does not consider a librarian's needs is not worthy of its name.

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