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SLA 2005: Networking

With Ethel Salonen Signing my name

Left: That's me asking for Ethel Salonen's signature. The ribbons on Ethel's ID identify her as SLA's then-president, among other things, while mine indicate that I'm a first-timer and conference blogger. Right: Another first-timer asks for my signature. Photos from The Photo Group.

What I really liked about SLA was the fact that I felt so welcome. Whether I was asking at listservs or reading online tips about attending the annual conference, the most common advice I received was to just talk to everyone because SLA members are very friendly. And that I should bring calling cards. Most of those named below are those with whom I exchanged cards.


"SLA First-Timers and Fellows Connect" was a good way to meet other first-timers and more experienced conference-goers, including the SLA leadership. A bingo game (xls) was played where first-timers had to get the signatures of members who, for example, had previously been SLA president, owned a dog, or was a twin (see photos above). I even found myself signing for "My flight to Toronto exceeded 4 hours" and "I speak at least two languages." And because I was one of the first to finish, I actually won a t-shirt! The following probably won't remember me, but I got their signatures at the event: Debra Bailey, John Crosby, Carol Ginsburg, Richard Hulser, Neil Infield, Dav Robertson, Ethel Salonen, Jacqueline Snider.


Bloggers who were in town to attend the conference had an informal gathering at C'Est What. Check out the photo, the bloggers' names and their blogs at the SLA Conference Blog.


At the Business & Finance (B&F) Division's "Annual Business Meeting & Awards Lunch," in addition to my fellow awardees, I remember being congratulated by Annie Leung, Steve Kochoff and Esther Gil, who was very helpful during the ceremony. And, of course, I finally met Awilda Reyes, chair of the Grants and Stipends Committee, with whom I corresponded for so long via email and who liked my barong tagalog so much that she couldn't stop telling people that it was made of pineapple fiber.

That same night, I attended the awarding ceremonies for the B&F Division's Centers of Excellence Awards, which was modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and with which I was familiar because of the work I did in a previous life. I joined Bonnie Sebby, Susan Gormley and Jan Chindlund at their table and spoke with Kevin Manion and Hal Kirkwood about the work they do for B&F.


On the last day of the conference, I attended the Networking Breakfast of the Military Librarians Division because I'm a military brat. That's where I met Deborah Keller and David Pachter.


There were also many other opportunities to meet and talk to people. At the B&F Division open houses on different nights, I had interesting conversations with Miguel Figueroa, Joanna Kaczmarczyk, Joan Martin and Kim Nayyer. Seatmates at different sessions were Adam Bennington, Stephanie Boyd, Felix Chin, Alan Harnum, Tara Murray, Roger Strouse and Ken Winter. I joined Chen Chao and Ofer Allan Avital on different days because we happened to be having lunch at the same time.

While walking around the conference center, I ran into Randal Baier, David Bigwood, Tod Hebenton, Irene Laursen, Marydee Ojala (who started talking to me because she liked my i blog t-shirt) and Lorraine Waitman. And there were those to whom I was introduced by Filipinos (plus one Tagalog-speaking Indonesian) I met at the conference: Mayumi Hepburn, Iain MacFarlane, Rita Reisman.


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