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I just received an email asking whether I misread Cristobal's column. Perhaps I missed his sarcasm. So I read it again and, no, I don't think I missed his point at all. This is the reply I sent to the person who emailed me:

Well, as I said, I see the point he's trying to make. In fact, when I found out about it, I thought that the person who told me about Cristobal's column probably misread it or was overreacting.

But after reading his column, I wrote, "While Cristobal will probably call me humorless, I fail to see the need to state that librarians are like dogs just to make a point."

Did he really have to make the reference to dalmatians? I think not.

And then there's the fact that he ends by suggesting that what the people learn from television is more important than what they learn through books. It seems to me that this completely negates the point he's trying to make.
What do you think? Please feel free to say what you think. I am a librarian and I know that there are two sides to every coin and that an elephant can seem like many different things if you are a blind man holding on to just one part of it. But no, I do not bite.

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