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Bloggers on TV

Blogging highly popular"24 Oras" has just featured blogging. Manuel L. Quezon III and Alecks Pabico of Inside PCIJ were the two bloggers interviewed for the show.

If you didn't see the show or missed the two-minute feature "Blogging highly popular," click on the image on the right and look for the title encircled in red. Alternatively, you can go to the INQ7 Video Archives and watch the entire July 21 show. And if you find which part it's in (there are seven), maybe you can leave a comment below. By the way, you'll need Windows Media Player (free download) to watch the video.

If you're not familiar with blogging at all and would like to start, check out "Of Bloggers and 'Blog People'." Please remember that a blog need not be just a personal diary. What was not mentioned in the feature on blogging is the fact that bloggers can, in fact, become online experts in their field if they choose to write only on specific topics in which they are knowledgeable. Some of us even get invited to be speakers =)

If you're already a blogger, you may want to check out "Creating Traffic" by Jonas Diego and "Don't Bore Me With Your Blog" by Susan Solomon for more ideas on what you can do with your blog.

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