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SLA 2005: Epilogue

With Pam Rollo

"I hope to share what I learn at the 2005 Annual Conference through my blog."

This is what I wrote in the statement I submitted when I applied for the International Travel Award. And so, just in case you've been wondering why I've posted so much about the SLA conference, I'm just fulfilling a promise. I only hope that you've found the information I've shared useful and interesting.

The photo above shows me with Pam Rollo, SLA president, after she gave me the raffle prize I won—but not before two others forfeited the prize because they were absent—for completing a Rolodex game (rtf). The prize? Free registration for next year's conference in Baltimore! Now all I need is the money for my plane fare...

For more information about the conference, check out the SLA Conference Blog (especially the "SLA Post-Conference Press Release," which states some basic facts about the conference), the InfoToday Blog, and "Two Views of the SLA Conference, Toronto, June 2005" by Mary Hudson and Joanna Kaczmarczyk (FreePint Newsletter, 16 June 2005). Other conference speakers have also made their presentation materials available online.

And just in case you missed some of my SLA posts, here's a complete list of all of them:

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