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Updated on 13 January 2006 to include the Journal of Asian Missions.

Updated on 6 November 2005 to include the following: International Online Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, International Rice Research Notes, Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine, PJRReports.
In "Directory of Open Access Journals" (DOAJ), I promised to feature Filipino journals. The following are not all necessarily "open access" as defined by DOAJ, but articles are available for free. If you are interested in reading the journals with "(pdf)" after their titles, you will need to download a free Adobe Reader. Unless otherwise stated, journals are available in print.

Acta Medica Philippina (pdf)
As the title implies, this is a Filipino medical journal. Articles published by the UP College of Medicine from 1993 to 2001 are available.
Asian Development Review (pdf)
It is not, strictly speaking, a Filipino journal because it is published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). However, I have included it in this list since it is published by an institution based in Manila. Articles containing the results of economic and development research carried out by ADB are available from 1997 onward.
East Asian Pastoral Review
Published by the East Asian Pastoral Institute, this theological journal features articles from 1994 to the present. Roman Catholic teachings are emphasized but other Asian religions are represented as well.
International Online Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
The National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development of the University of the Philippines (UP) publishes this journal exclusively on the Internet. The first issue was published in 2001. Please note that UP's server is not always reliable, so if you are not able to access an issue, keep on trying =)
International Rice Research Notes (pdf)
Like the Asian Development Review, it is not, strictly speaking, a Filipino journal, but it is included in this list because the International Rice Research Institute is based in the Philippines. Each issue from 1998 onward is available online.
Journal of Asian Missions (pdf)
The journal is published by the Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines. All issues and articles, including editorials and book reviews are available online from the first volume in 1999 to March 2005. Filipino Christians who do not happen to be Catholic will probably appreciate this journal more than the majority of Filipinos, who are predominantly Catholic.
Kritika Kultura (pdf)
This electronic journal (no print counterpart) is published by the Ateneo de Manila University's English Department. Articles on language and literary/cultural studies in the Philippines from 2003 to the present are available.
According to its website, it is "an online monthly literary magazine dedicated to Philippine fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and literary criticism." Eleven issues have been published, but only the full text of the last three issues are available at this time. If you can't access the site (due to limits imposed by GeoCities on sites it hosts for free), try again after an hour. It is not available in print.
Philippine Journal of Development (pdf)
Formerly the Journal of Philippine Development, this journal published by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies has tables of contents from 1974 and full text from 1981-2001. It contains articles on Philippine development, sectoral policy concerns in various countries and development issues in general.
Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine (pdf)
This bimonthly journal is published by the Philippine College of Physicians. Individual articles are available from 2003 onward.
Philippine Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (pdf)
Articles published by the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases from 1972 to the present may be viewed, but a few issues from the 1970s and 1980s are not available.
This publication of the Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility is not, strictly speaking, a journal in the conventional sense (i.e., scholarly). But since its articles are written by journalists for fellow journalists, it is used as a reference in journalism classes, and it is not merely a newsletter, I believe it belongs on this list. The first issue appeared in January 2005, but only articles from the March 2005 issue onward are available online. The September-October 2005 issue is in pdf format. Only selected articles are available from each issue. Tip: If there are no text links, click on the covers.

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