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TODAY’S JOKE: Sen. Lito Lapid returned a book to the Senate library. "Walang kwenta ito," he complained, "puro tao, walang istorya." [This is no good; all characters, no story.]

The librarian replied: "So kayo pala ang nag-uwi ng aming telephone directory." [So, you were the one who took home our telephone directory.]

—Neal H. Cruz, "Hey guys, what about the people?" (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 26 October 2005)
The joke may not be politically correct, but it's very Filipino and shows just how indispensable celebrities are in the Philippines. Lito Lapid, for those who don't know, was an action star before he ran for the Senate. The Senate librarian, of course, goes unnamed.

And in case you've ever wondered if any celebrities aside from Manuel Quezon III are blogging, the following, in alphabetical order, are the ones I know about:

Francis Magalona
In The Freeman Pages, the most famous Filipino rapper writes about his family, feelings, and the work he's doing. Check out his post on how he found out that he made it into an international hiphop book.
Luis Manzano
There is not much evidence that the owner of Lucky me......... is really Luis Manzano, the son of Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano. But who knows, maybe the man who is said to have asked his mother to stop calling him "Lucky" really likes writing poetry.
Jim Paredes
He became famous for being one-third of the Apo Hiking Society, but has also become known for his writing and photography. In Writing on Air, he talks about his work and personal life, and shares a lot of photos. On Jim's Multiply Site, he shares downloadable versions of his solo songs and videos.
Jessica Zafra
In Jessica Zafra's Twisted, the author says in her first post that, "Yes that IS my real name, I AM the columnist slash talk show host, I AM the author of the seven Twisted books (eight if you count Twisted Flicks) and this IS my first and only blog." She just started blogging this month.

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