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Blograrians' Questions and Answers

In "Sex in the Library," I asked: "why is it that some students are proud of the fact that they graduated from school without ever setting foot in the library?" DIY Librarian suggests an answer in "Are we just 'the help'?" In answer to her question, I said that my reply would differ if the word "just" were not part of the question.

In "Who Am I, Anyway?" I asked whether the little experience I've had so far qualified me to call myself a librarian. Well, I got a few supportive comments, but for more comprehensive information on what it is that librarians do, see the five-part series (so far) by Rambling Librarian on "Questions about becoming a librarian" (1 2 3 4 5) and the three-part series by The Gypsy Librarian on "What [do] I do as a librarian?" (1 2 3). And then there's Filipina Teacher-Librarian who remembered in "Who you gonna call?" that librarians are the best persons to call for help with information.

Yes, we do help. But nope, we are not just "the help."

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