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Halloween, Libraries and the Philippines

Happy Halloween! You might find the following sites interesting if you're wondering about the origins of Halloween, haunted libraries, or Filipino ghosts.

The History of Halloween

Not only does the History Channel provide an overview of the origins of Halloween, it also provides links to creepy video clips, some ghost stories and other interesting facts.
Halloween Online
It's probably true that it's the "Internet's largest Halloween resource." There's an online magazine, cookbook, adult costumes (!), clip art, fonts, and even advice on building and buying coffins!
Willard Library
Is the Willard Library haunted? It's over 110 years old. The first sighting is said to have occurred in 1937. Visit the site, read the history, and watch out for the ghost through the hidden cameras installed for amateur ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.
Haunted Places
Among the places listed on this website are libraries in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus. The list needs to be organized by a librarian, but it has most of the usual suspects.
Philippine Mythology
This Wikipedia entry provides summaries of the creatures that have haunted many Filipinos' dreams. Some of the creatures on the list even have their own entries.
And then there's the quiz. Answer the ten questions and click on "Submit my Answers" to find out how well you know your Filipino "ghosts," how many got the answers right, and read the humorous annotations.

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