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Troy Lacsamana — Filipino Librarian

A Filipino librarian was recently chosen as one of the 2005 Top 5 HSBC Faces of Volunteerism by Hands On Manila, which desires "to seek and salute those who take time out to help others without expectation or fanfare." (Point for reflection: the chosen "faces" are named but remain faceless on the website.)

Troy Lacsamana, project coordinator of Aklatang Pambata, was cited for "his vision and perseverance to create a library and reading center in Quezon City that is accessible to all children." Please note that Troy is a librarian who leads a group composed largely of NON-librarian volunteers, and that the award came from a group of NON-librarians.

I first wrote about Aklatang Pambata in "Volunteers Build Community Library," where I also said that, I "dream of the day when a person is automatically identified as a librarian in news articles... like doctors, lawyers, etc." Well, it looks like Troy is leading the way by getting involved in the larger community of NON-librarians and going beyond the limits of the library he works for.

If you would like to know more about Aklatang Pambata, please visit their blog. If you want to donate money for the project, please see the blog's sidebar. Or you can email Troy at troy_lacsamana-at-yahoo-dot-com.

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