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Email New Year's Resolutions to Yourself

A few people who read "Email Yourself... Receive It 20 Years Later," asked me why there was a deadline. Well, that's how it was set up. But for those of you who would still like to email yourselves—especially now that it's New-Year's-resolution time again—there's Futureme.org (via Kung-Fu Librarian).

Unlike the Forbes "E-Mail Time Capsule," this site allows users to choose to send their email privately or let others read what they wrote without revealing their identity. The sending options range from 1 to 30 years—10 more than Forbes. Plus, there is no deadline for emailing yourself.

For those of you who like controversy, it appears that Futureme.org was there before Forbes. For more information, see Futureme.org's response and the more neutral "Web Sites Let Users Send E-Mail to Future."

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