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Game KNB's Tarantarium

Pilipinas Game KNB? is a game show. If you would like to know how it's played, please see the review on ReviewStream.com. This post is about the so-called tarantarium, which figures prominently in the one-million-peso round and about which I have mixed feelings.

Nope, a tarantarium is not the same as a tarantULarium. Apparently, a tarantarium is a room filled with books, one of which contains the answer to the one-million-peso question. The catch? The books are not arranged in any particular order. And the contestant has one minute to find the book. Why taranta-rium? Taranta is a Tagalog word that means "flustered." If you had a shot at one million pesos, but had only one minute... you'd get "taranta-ted."

So why do I have mixed feelings about this roomful of unorganized books? On the one hand, it seems so unfair that contestants practically have no chance of finding the right book. I've been told that some contestants actually got their hands on the correct book but still couldn't find the answer. Perhaps because they had no way of knowing that they had the right book?

On the other hand, it seems to be an excellent example of the importance of organizing a collection... and the need for librarians! Spread the word, you'll lose your chance to earn a lot of money—not to mention other intangible benefits—if you can't find the information you need when you need it =)

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