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Fixing the Comelec

"Cyberspace 'pirma' urges Abalos et al. to resign" by Jerome Aning appears in print on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (28 December 2005) as "Petition in cyberspace: Abalos et al. resign now." The URL for the online petition, however, does not appear in either the online or print version of the story—an unforgivable sin.

It's a good thing that Erwin Lemuel Oliva of INQ7.net wrote "Online petition urges Comelec officials' resignation" (27 December 2005) and provided not just the URL but a clickable link to the petition. Unfortunately, readers of the print edition who wish to sign the online petition would not have seen this story because it appears exclusively online.

If you wish to read, sign or see who has signed the "Comelec Commissioners Must Resign!" petition written by Gus Lagman, click here. At this time, there are 263 signatories, but not all of them seem to be supporters of the petition based on the comments they've left (e.g., "Puro kasinungalingan naman itong petisyon na'to"). There also seem to be problems with multiple signatures and untraceable signatories.

The online petition is probably good for spreading the word, but it will probably be useless for validation purposes. If you would really like to do something about the Comelec, it might be better to join the call of Urbano dela Cruz to "Reform the Comelec Now."

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