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Professional Development

You're probably overworked, but that's not an excuse to be ignorant about the latest developments in our profession. I hope you will find the three sites listed below useful for your own professional development.

EBSCO has made its Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) database available online—free of charge—for all those interested in libraries and librarianship. However, only abstracts, which vary in quality (some are downright terrible), are available. And so, users will still have to look elsewhere for the full text.

You may wish to search E-LIS—E-prints in Library and Information Science—in case the article you're looking for has been uploaded to this open archive. Conversely, you may also wish to upload articles you've written or conference presentations you've made (provided there is no breach of copyright) so that others who have no access to the publications in which your work appeared can benefit from your scholarship. As far as I can tell, no articles from the Philippines have been uploaded.

LISTA and E-LIS, however, are more properly consulted if you're looking for a specific article or articles on a particular subject. If you would just like to know what the latest articles are that librarians should read, then Current Cites is for you. Articles published online and in print are selected and annotated by librarians for librarians.

Searching the database is supposedly possible, but it doesn't seem to be working, so use the following on Google plus your keyword: "site:lists.webjunction.org/currentcites/ [space] keyword(s)." You may view the list of articles online, sign up for the mailing list or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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