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FO: Jose Rizal and Rizaliana

December 30 is a national holiday in the Philippines. Jose Rizal was executed on this day 109 years ago. If you do not know who Rizal is, the following should be useful starting points:

JoseRizal.ph was "...created to assist students in the appreciation of the role of Rizal in the development of the Filipino nation." While the site—with its study guides, summaries and downloadable syllabi—is directed to students and teachers, it is also a good starting point for anyone who wishes to know more about Rizal and his works. Interesting features: two articles on Rizal as the father of Hitler (!), the first declaration of December 30 as a "national day of mourning," and pictures of Rizal, his women and other works.

Project Gutenberg is the place to go for the full text of some of Rizal's works in Spanish ("El Consejo de los Dioses," "Filipinas Dentro De Cien Años," "Junto Al Pasig") and translations in English (The Indolence of the Filipino, The Reign of Greed, The Social Cancer) and Tagalog ("Ang Liham ni Dr. Jose Rizal sa mga Kadalagahan sa Malolos, Bulakan"). A book about Rizal is also available: Lineage, Life and Labors of José Rizal, Philippine Patriot by Austin Craig.

The Diaries of Jose Rizal reproduces the thoughts recorded by Rizal from Calamba on 1 May 1882, to his trip to Manila and then Europe, and throughout his travels in Europe until 21 October 1886. Photos, postcards and maps appear occasionally. It must be noted, however, that the site is a blog and the dates on which entries were posted do not correspond to the dates on which Rizal wrote in his diary. For an overview of all the entries, it is probably better to start with the archives, where the places and dates on which Rizal wrote in his diary are listed.

Rizal-Blumentritt Friendship is not really just about Rizal's friendship with Blumentritt. Aside from the letters they exchanged, the following are also available: The Story of José Rizal by Austin Craig, "The Monkey and the Turtle" as illustrated by Rizal, and Virtual Travels of Rizal, which presents what Rizal and others wrote about his travels using maps.

Rizaliana is devoted to the poems written by Rizal and translated by others into Spanish, English, Tagalog and even Japanese. The transcript of Rizal's court appearance, which may or may not be complete, is also available.

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