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One More Time: Ateneo's Rizal Library

In "Ateneo's Rizal Library," I committed the sin that I always comment on whenever a librarian's name is not mentioned in an article about a library. I said that, "The Rizal Library is probably the best-marketed Filipino library today," but did not mention any librarians' names. Let me correct that now.

Rogelio B. Mallillin, who was library director from 1980-1997, was responsible for automation and building up the revenue-generating business that now accounts for a third of the library's annual budget. Lourdes T. David, who was appointed director in 2001, is responsible for the library's increasingly high-profile in the Ateneo community, the cultural scene in the Philippines, and even among the libraries of the world. Proof of this may be seen in the most recent international conference hosted by the Rizal Library.

I wrote about the conference in "Preserving Our Cultural Heritage," which was also featured in "Over 230 Librarians Attend Int’l Confab at Ateneo" on the Ateneo website. The Powerpoint presentations and/or papers delivered (pdf) were recently uploaded at the conference website. You may also wish to look at the presentations/papers of the 2001 and 2004 conferences.

And then there are "Trip to the library" and "Libraries are Love," which tend to confirm what I have already said about the Rizal Library, except that the bloggers compare it with larger libraries. Guess which library comes out as being better? Then again, the bloggers—including this one—are all Ateneo alumni. Could it be that we're just biased? Maybe. But I seriously don't think so =)

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